The Wish List is a way to experience the Violet Flame, but as a collective at no cost. It is also a means by which to offer blessing to others — which in of itself is a powerful act of self-healing and transformation.

The Wish List is activated on Sundays from 3-3:30PM EST from upstate New York. This works just like a remote or "distance healing" session: I enter a meditative state and use mantras, prayers, and sacred symbols to send healing energy to those on the wishlist. You can be anywhere in the world to receive healing. You may like to participate by joining me in meditation, or laying down to relax and open to receive at the time; but it is not necessary. You will receive the energy wherever you are, in the way that is needed. 


To participate, submit your wish via the form below. This adds your name and wish to the list for the following Sunday. You must re-submit via this form each week to be added. You will also receive my newsletter which goes out around the New and Full Moon each month. 

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This is a community offering for universal healing and there is no cost to participate. You may feel called to make an offering in exchange. To make a donation of any amount, click this button: 


Wishes are made in the spirit of peace and harmony. To yield best results, state your request in a positive, present tense. Prayers or Affirmations ("I am living in abundance.") are stronger than requests ("I wish for lots of money."). 

Never use a wish to harm or manipulate another person. Not that you would ever do that, would you?

Believe your wish will come true!

When in doubt, use one simple word or thought, such as these attributes of the Violet Flame:

    •    Peace

    •    Harmony

    •    Health

    •    Abundance

    •    Joy

    •    Trust

    •    Vitality

    •    Inspiration

    •    Expression

    •    Opportunity

    •    Love

    •    Illumination

    •    Awakening

    •    Balance

    •    Justice



You can use your wish to offer love and support on behalf of a dear one. To do this simply share the name of your dear one.

You can share the names of those who are grieving, those in healing or recovery mentally or physically, those in dangerous or worrisome situations such as war or abuse, or those exposed to toxic or highly tense environments at work or at home. 

You can send your wish to a community, place, or global issue that causes you concern. This is an incredible way to participate in the Wish List. 


The belief system behind the wishes is “So be it, or better”, meaning sometimes we do not know what is best for us, or can’t see because of reasons beyond our understanding. So while you are asked to focus on a specific intention, also hold in mind that the universe may have something even better in store for you. Rather than pinning your peace of mind to one specific outcome or detail, focus on holding love and support for yourself and all those involved in the wish. You will receive even more than you thought possible.