"a spiritual warrior."



In these sessions I act as a channel for Spirit, sharing insights from a multi-dimensional perspective. I relay messages from the loving guiding forces around you. I see symbolic images and I feel sensations which we decode together to find resonance. Sessions are conversational and unfold in response to your questions.

I use prayer and spoken word to create a space of awareness, as well as perform any cleansings or blessings that are needed for greater balance and harmony. I may incorporate classic intuitive tools such as oracle cards, pendulum, and automatic writing and drawing. 

I may use guided meditations, visualizations, affirmations or walk you through a playful exercise for reflection and self-healing. If we are in-person I may incorporate laying of hands and gentle brushing or rocking of the physical body as well as essential oils, sacred scents, singing and crystal therapy. 

All sessions include recommendations for resources and activities for you to do at home following our connection.

For access to a client portal with rates, availability and more information, please send a message to lucidstudionyc@gmail.com or fill out the form below. 

Sessions are a blend of energetic transmissions, verbal intake and insights from your guides and higher self with Q&A throughout. 

Sessions are regularly conducted via Skype with equal efficacy for clients across the US, Canada, UK, Japan and Australia. 



Manhattan at Medicine Space (89 5th Ave. near Union Square)

Upstate (New Paltz, 2 hours from NYC by bus or car)

Outcalls/Destination Sessions 

2017-18 Tour Dates: coming soon

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"Rose's approach is unique. She is comfortable with the energy flowing through and around her. The relationship with the energies and guides she works with is respectful and gentle. I love her playful attitude as she explains everything in an easy on the ears kind of way.

The night I left her cozy cottage in the Catskills, I felt super relaxed, open and clear. The most amazing things started happening, that night and even days after. A prosperous, vital portal had opened up. To say the least, I was amazed. 

I highly recommend working with Rose. You will not be disappointed by the fresh, sweet, kind energy she upholds and summons." 

-- HariPrakaash, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation + Gong


"Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. You are such an incredibly clear channel. The information came through so beautifully clearly and lovingly. I could've spent hours in the Records with you...when we were finished I was already like, 'When can we book our next session?' Haha! Love you to the moon the sun the stars the ocean waves and the tree tops and back. You are an angel. Very grateful for you." --Peyton Sandler, Reiki Master and Akashic Records Practitioner


"Thank you so much for sharing yourself as a pure and open channel with me yesterday. You are a beautifully gifted channel and woman.

In my time with You and the Master Guides, I felt uplifted and reintegrated into alignment with not only my higher self, but also the love of my own family, my Grandmothers, and my role as a healer. And as some time has past, I am continuing to feel this.” --Rebecca Steele, Acupuncturist