Lady Rose O is a naturally gifted clairvoyant, intuitive healing artist, writer, teacher, and speaker. She specializes in empowering women through multi-dimensional self-care, the art of transformation, and advanced training for emerging and professional healing artists.

She was first introduced to the Goddess path by her mother and is a lifelong student of various spiritual traditions. She is an internationally certified yoga teacher, a Reiki natural healing practitioner, an award-winning modern dancer, and a multi-disciplinary artist/musician/performer.

All of her work is a love letter to the divine feminine essence within all beings and dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness.

  • Founding projects: Lucid StudioThe Violet Flame Activation, The MysteryKeepers Women's School, Temple of the Violet Flame
  • E-Books: DiY Divination: An Intuitive Tarot Handbook (2014), Tarot Key: Guide to the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (2016)
  • Film & TV appearances: Molly & the Cards (Fusion TV), Brooklyn Witches