Welcome dear ones! I am here to facilitate for you a process of coming home to yourself. You are already a fully realized master of your reality: a master of your circumstances, your destinies, and your ultimate desires. It is here in this place of total realization and actualization that we meet. On the astral realm, the etheric realm, all possibilities unite in tandem with the mental sphere and offer a renewal of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I am here to facilitate that renewal and promote regeneration and release of all lower bodies, including entities and energies and psychic debris that cling to us from anxiety, stress, pain, trauma, and just day-to-day living especially in urban environments/cities. 

I also am here to lift and activate the angelic resonance within you, to magnify your own capabilities to embody and attune yourself to awareness of self, others, and the secrets of the universe.

I bow in service to you and to the Great Mystery, and dedicate all my work to the uplift of humanity and the healing and clearing of the planet’s oceans, winds and lands.

In sacred service to you, in all time zones, in all ways, 

with love and high esteem

on the stream of Love, Art, Beauty, and Wisdom,

(formerly Molly Elizabeth Burkett)

Lady Rose Orca Dior



  • Sessions are a co-created experience for mature clients sincerely seeking guidance. All sessions generally include prayers and blessings, messages from Spirit, intuitive coaching, and practical tips on multi-dimensional self-care. See descriptions for what tools are most frequently incorporated within each time frame.
  • When you book a session you are booking my time. My practice is always evolving and each session is unique. 24-hour cancellation policy applies. See full terms on booking page. 
  • PLEASE REMEMBER TO: bring a list of questions or a healing intention, and an object of significance if we are meeting in person. See SESSION GUIDE for more information.


Returning Clients please get in touch for session series and extended programs such as a month-to-month consultancy. For healing arts training see The MysteryKeepers Women's School.