THE VIOLET FLAME is a purifying force that comes from divine love. It transforms old attachments into new possibilities.

THE VIOLET FLAME ACTIVATION is a refined and progressive form of intuitive healing that speaks directly to the heart and the truth within.


Activations are performed remotely, meaning you relax in your home to receive. 

I am in New York, US. You can be anywhere in the world. 

Afterwards, you receive a full report via video, audio or text file.



 Lady Rose Orca, renowned New York intuitive channel and teacher. She currently lives in upstate New York and serves clients in-person and remotely worldwide.



"From the beginning, my session with Rose was incredibly supportive, gentle and transformational. Her awareness and connection to what was going on with me energetically was so on point, I felt a deep sense of release (with so much love and joy) as she shared her insights with me after the clearing and activation process. I was blown away. Since this experience, a larger shift has taken place in my life. A new space has opened up within me, and I feel lighter and more connected. Her vision took me along a journey through my own past-life memories, bringing light to certain patterns that had been repeating from past incarnations. I was also happy to learn more about my own cosmic connections to a space and world that I have seen since I was a child (and Rose was able to describe this to me before my own feedback had taken place). It was truly magical. Big love to you, Rose. Thank you so much for your beautiful gifts." --Danielle Noel, Star Child Tarot 

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"Violet Flame is basically a spiritual alchemy in action and it's action is to transmute denser feelings, deeds etc.. into a higher vibrational frequency, which helps us prepare for our own expansion of consciousness. Rose is a gift to us, a highly intuitive messenger who during our session set aside her own perceptions, judgements and expectations. The meditation lasted for about 45 minutes and all I had to do was relax laying down while Rose channeled wisdom connecting me to the message I needed to hear. The realizations and visions that came up have unquestionably guided me back to my pure being and unearthed all those parts of me that needed tending. She tuned into many of my visions and there was just no way she could have known anything so personal about me. Few days later now, and I, with the help of Rose have unlocked a key piece of information that was needed to propel me to a higher vibration. Everything and everyone in life is a blessing. See it and be blessed by it. Endless gratitude for Rose @violetflameactivation who opened a portal of expansion for me and gently facilitated such beautiful healing." --Vanja Vukelic, Merakilabbe 


"As you all know, I rarely if ever post super-personal stories or confide my private life. However, tonight I had one of the most powerful experiences at the hands of another I have ever had with Rose @violetflameactivation.... I can't really convey what happened. Crying doesn't quite cover it. I spent the first 20 minutes enveloped in grief of an unknown origin and then entered this peace...quiet, still, very warm and embracing. And then, to top it off, she sent 3 videos to me of her speaking directly to my own heart. Meanwhile, it's all done REMOTELY! Like my Infinity's a deeply feminine way. Goddess or what ever you want to call it spoke to me several times.... One thing I can share, and I don't know if this will sense to you but she said 'those of you whose heart broke for the world, your heart must now break for you. Those of you whose heart broke for yourself, now your heart must break for the world.' Take it as you will. The time of the heart is here. The Divine Feminine is upon us. OUR MEN MUST CRY. She will not really tolerate much beside L O V E. I have no idea how I'm going to get there. You? Thank you, Rose. You have a gift." --Kelly Morris, The Infinity Call 


"Thank you so much for this. It all resonates very strongly, and has helped me tap into some key issues that have really been stalling my progress!" 

--Ruby Warrington, The Numinous 


"I literally felt like I closed my eyes and opened them 30 minutes later... The report from the last activation was so powerful for me. I have not fully digested it yet. It spoke SO much truth to me. Thank you for all of this powerful work." --Mary Bronstein, founder of Urban Girl Scouts

the NEXT LEVEL in energy work

“The Violet Flame Activation feels like the purest form of energy work - it is a direct connection to Source and all of the healing guides, angels, and blessed beings that go along with it.  These sessions offer deep and tangible support from beginning to end, with detailed guidance to continue healing beyond the session.  Rose is a powerful and clear physical conduit for this exquisite healing offering to flow through, and the Violet Flame is a true testimonial to her strength of connection to Spirit.  This is the next level in energy work as humanity evolves and awakens, and Rose is at the forefront of this healing shift.” —Corinne Feinberg, Path Light Healing 


"Rose has such a strong intuition.  She always amazes me.  For this session, she really brought into focus what I need to do to bring more magic into my world.  I visually saw the Violet Flame working in the very beginning.  Highly recommended!" --Janina Angel Bath, founder of Empress Vintage and The Tarot Woman 

"Enjoyed every minute of the Violet Flame Activation and report! Rose is tapped in to an awesome source. It was all spot on.” —Courtney Cooke,


"Wow. Well that was entirely spot-on, you addressed pretty much everything that had passed through my thoughts. I'm blown away! Thank you so much for this experience."  --Emily Thomas,


“It was deep and releasing and tender, among other feelings and transmutations. I felt held and guided as I dove into a few different issues that I've been working through. Inner child explorations and ancestor connections came through as vivid healing forces, helping me to go even deeper into releasing some old trauma, and past relationship heartache, letting tears flow. It also moved to scenes of dreamy and hopeful positive present future!  I had a vision of connecting to you through a beam of light as you sat in your cabin and the beam of light extended into the trees through the forest. There was some sacred geometry design touches with the light beam. I felt cleansed and inspired as I arose, stretching my arms and opening my eyes just a minute before the timer went off.

It was truly moving.  I was able to dive deeper in my own house, in a way that I have only previously experienced with one-on-one, in-person sessions. And I loved the video after-report! It felt like an in-depth reading with an emphasis on energetics as opposed to specific psychic events foreshadowing, which I found very helpful. The chakra balance was totally right on too.  I'm always trying to ground myself in my first two chakras but then forget and go up into the air!  A good reminder.

I loved experiencing in 3 dimensions, a private trance in my house and an astral connection with you, and then receiving the information from the video. It felt very in-depth and supportive! I loved it. Thank you so much! I’m a fan!" --Shauna Cummins, Shauna Cummins Hypnosis



I access your energetic field using a clairvoyant ability known as "remote viewing". I act as both receiver of information and transmitter of the Violet Flame energy. I see how your energy is flowing and Clear any psychic debris or attachments that can be released. For the Activation I introduce the Violet Flame into your energy field. The Anchoring stabilizes the new current, and the session is closed.


During this time, you are relaxing at home. The Violet Flame Activation works on a subtle level, meaning you may not be consciously aware of what happens, but then notice shifts taking place in the days and weeks following. Some clients fall asleep. Others enter a trance. I call upon my angelic guides and a team of healing masters to perform this work, as well as your personal guides and loved ones. The very sensitive may even perceive me and my "team" of healing energies working on you. 

 The timed experience facilitates an inner journey and promotes a state of release. It:

  • serves the inner quest for self-actualization and expansion
  • connects you to guiding forces and benevolent spirits at play in your life
  • assists in transformation, karmic dissolution, past life recall, sensory awareness, psychic intelligence, and mind/body connectivity
  • offers a higher perspective on creative blocks, relationships and emotional, mental, or physical challenges


Afterwards I record the information I received during the process, and send to you as an audio, video or written report. Each one speaks in a special way to each individual, but generally includes:

  • messages from the guiding forces and benevolent spirits around you
  • an energetic assessment using the chakra system as an outline
  • recommendations for activities, exercises, mantras
  • may also include bonus MP3s, texts, and resources


E-mail to request access to my online calendar where you may schedule your Activation. 


Please note:  The VFA is entirely remote and does not include a consultation with me. If you feel called to ask questions directly to me and your guides before or afterwards, I facilitate individualized programs which may include a combination of remote, virtual and in-person sessions depending on your needs and location. See COUNSEL page.


Activation + After-Report

Get to know yourself through the eyes of the Violet Flame. Receive a Violet Flame Activation along with a personalized After-Report within 24 hours. Each report is unique, but usually includes channeled messages your guides as well as an energetic assessment from me. 


$150 includes:

-Violet Flame Activation (approx 40 mins, remote)

-Violet Flame After-Report (a recorded video, MP3 file or PDF text) 

-Orientation Info Sheet


3-Fold Activation


Deepen your connection to the Violet Flame energy over time by receiving a series of three Violet Flame Activations in rapid succession. This allows you to receive more information on the higher dimensions of your personal goals, as well as further support to fully integrate the experience. 

Designed to be completed over 3-6 weeks for first-timers, or as a package for returning clients to use within the year. To customize a journey that spans a season or longer, or includes consultation and additional energywork with me via phone/skype or in person, please email me to discuss options.

$375 includes:

-3-Fold Violet Flame Activation & reports (three 40-min Activations, with text, video or audio reports for each)

-Orientation Sheet

-Ongoing email support between sessions

TEMPLE OF THE VIOLET FLAME Group Activation + Collective Report


Group Activation + Collective Report

Experience the Violet Flame in unison with fellow seekers. This is a group activation experience, in the style of an individual activation.

You receive your Violet Flame Activation in tandem with other participants from around the world, and access to a video, text, or audio file of channeled insights for the collective, for a fee of $50-$80 instead of $150. 

The Temple is activated at specific times throughout the week and limited to a certain number of participants. Please email me for more information.