with the Violet Flame 


Channeled by Molly Burkett


As we awaken to our true power as loving souls, one of our tasks is to overcome the fear and resistance that blocks our intuition and keeps us bound to a life less than what we are capable of.

In this empowering, illuminating, and potentially life-changing initiation, I will help you access a key we all hold within us: the Violet Flame

This energy bypasses your intellectual, rational mind to unlock your unconscious self. It illuminates the truth about who you are and your soul's mission on this planet. It can help you to overcome the ego's resistance and step into your true power. 

The Violet Flame activates your intuition -- by opening your awareness to fields beyond time and space, you can heal interpersonal troubles, resolve long-standing patterns and addictions, and step into the life you always dreamed.

If you have a nagging suspicion that there is much more to life than meets your two eyes... the Violet Flame is for you.